Self-organization and self-assembly are spontaneous organization arising from local interactions between building blocks. These mechanisms govern ordering in very different systems from molecules, colloids or larger particles, and even biological systems. They can lead to original materials with new properties. During this summer school we aim at discussing different aspects of self-assembly and self-organization in soft matter. We will start with general concepts, and then develop examples in chemistry, physics and biology. We will also review the techniques that allow the self-assembled structures to be quantitatively characterized. Last, examples of applications and properties of new materials will be discussed.

One additional day will be devoted to an advanced workshop to go further into research related to the main topics.

Invited speakers

Lihi Adler-Abramovich (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Roey Amir (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Roy Beck (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Jose Bico  (ESPCI, France)

Michael Brenner (Harvard, USA)

Remi Carminati (ESPCI, France) 

Teresa Lopez-Leon (ESPCI, France)

Philippe Nghe (ESPCI, France)

Yitzhak Rabin (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Elie Raphael (ESPCI, France)

Olivia du Roure (ESPCI, France)

Gerard Wong (UCLA,USA)

Zorana Zeravcic (ESPCI, France)

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